A different way of thinking

1 June 2016

Traditionally if staff members needed to visit a different city for a few days each week, a company would book a hotel. Which makes sense if this is a one-off trip, for one individual in a company. But what happens when one or two people are going away, each for a couple of nights every week and for an extended period of time. Before you know it, there is a large hotel bill waiting!

We've found that smarter companies are looking at their accommodation for travelling staff in a different manner. By booking a fully furnished apartment you can provide staff with a home-like accommodation and one which can be used by different members of staff when needed. We can provide full cleaning and laundry services in between their stays - allowing you to manage the apartment with staff members as needed.

For longer confirmed stays we can offer discounted rates and we always try to be as flexible as we can with requests! So if you are constantly booking different hotel rooms for staff, perhaps a furnished apartment in Auckland or Wellington is the answer for you?